Talk of taking a hiatus! I have been away from my blog for ages for a good reason- my book is coming along and I have decided to focus my energies on getting that completed, add the lazy days of summer, throw in a quick trip to Kenya this September till we are here: November.

Clearly, I need to spruce things up around here, clear the cobwebs, update the blogroll, catch up on some of the blogs I have neglected to read!

The soundtrack for the return has got to be the new Cee Lo Green album: ‘The Lady Killer’…I downloaded it from iTunes last night and have not stopped playing it.

Back shortly!!!


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3 responses to “Hiatus…

  1. egm

    If you are on hiatus, then I don’t know what I’m on! Good stuff bout the book.

    • Yes, feels good to have made progress. The last few months have been extremely busy at work, only now do I have the energy to face any creative projects. Sad, ’cause my dad can’t wait to read the first draft and he now doubts he’ll ever read it because the ready date keeps being pushed back

  2. Clearly its been a while. Congratulations on the upcoming book and all the best. Be waiting to buy a copy 🙂

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